My book is here!

It has been a long time coming but today I got my hands on a physical copy of my new book, Migrant Mothers in the Digital Age: Emotion and Belonging in Migrant Maternal Online Communities. The book is published by Routledge in a hardcover and e-book version. If you would like to read it andContinue reading “My book is here!”


Balancing books and bubs: a challenge

This post is part of the #HDRblog15 challenge, started by Deb aka the édu flâneuse and inspired by the Thesis Whisperer’s MOOC on How to Survive Your Phd. Which explains the sudden blog activity after a period of winter hibernation. It is also a report of a workshop I ran for HDR parents at the University ofContinue reading “Balancing books and bubs: a challenge”

Why do we expect so little? Reflections on a week of reading motherhood theories

This is the final of three posts that I am re-blogging from my tumblr, where I have been reflecting on my return to academia and the first few months of my PhD research. This post was written in April 2015. I’ve spent the week steeped in academic texts about theories of mothering and ideologies of motherhood. AsContinue reading “Why do we expect so little? Reflections on a week of reading motherhood theories”

Academic hyperbole & new student inductions

This is the second of three posts, copied from my tumblr, where I have been blogging intermittently about my return to academia. This was written in March 2015. I’ll never forget my first week at university when my Director of Studies told us that to be successful in our degree, we would need to live andContinue reading “Academic hyperbole & new student inductions”